Starfield The Audition Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet - DigiStatement (2024)

Starfield has been out for quite a while, and the game is performing well. Bethesda’s long-running experience with RPGs seems to have helped a lot, and suffice it to say, Starfield is a great space RPG title. However, not everything’s great with the game. Technical problems like mods not working or infinte loading screen issues have been troubling players for some time. And now, The Audition quest bug has started occurring, ruining the experience for many.

Belonging to the Ebbside Strikers minor faction, The Audition is a side quest that rewards you with 6300 credits and 50 exp. upon its conclusion. Now, coming to the bugs plaguing this quest, there are two. One is where the player is unable to open the door and get to Briggs, and another simply keeps showing an “Individual is busy” message whenever the player keeps trying to interact with Briggs. So, is there any fix for all this? Let’s find out!

Starfield The Audition Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet - DigiStatement (1)

Starfield The Audition Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet

Bethesda has yet to put out an official fix for this quest bug in Starfield. That’s why we suggest you use the following workarounds and see if any of them are of help to you.

Shoot the bartender –

This particular workaround is in relation to the second stage of the quest, where a bug causes the player to get stuck in the room, making them unable to meet with Briggs. Thanks to u/Drunken_Scribe, there’s a way to bypass this bug. What you need to do is injure the bartender. A quick gunshot to her would do the trick. Remember, injure her, not kill her.

Once the bartender gets injured, the entire room will get chaotic, resulting in a commotion. Check for any signs of Briggs coming downstairs. If he’s still not there, then start shooting upstairs at the ceiling. Don’t just shoot randomly, though. Aim at the quest marker. Sooner or later, Briggs will come down and open the bugged door. Now’s your chance. Head upstairs and remain in the crouch position till everything’s back to normal. When that happens, go talk to Briggs and continue on with the quest. Oh, and another thing. Don’t bring a companion for this. It’s better to do all this solo.

There are other methods too, like getting arrested or stealing right in front of NPCs. Just know that all these methods require you to commit a crime in Madame Sauvage’s Place.

Push Andrea away –

As mentioned earlier, there’s another bug where the player is unable to interact with Briggs because he’s busy speaking with Andrea, resulting in the game showing the “Individual is busy” message. A quick way to fix this is to simply push Andrea away from Biggs, as shown in this video, and then interact with him. Players can do this by picking up anything. Even a trashcan will do. Next, all you have to do is hold the item and use it to push Andrea towards the door. After that, she will once again walk towards Briggs and engage in a quick conversation with him. But this time, you will be able to initiate a conversation with Briggs after his talk with Andrea is over.

Reload a save from before –

Always save before any kind of major event or interaction. This will literally save you a lot of hassle further down the story or just in general. Go to the save menu, and from there, load the closest save that you’ve got. Backtrack your progress and see if the issue still persists or not.

Use console commands –

As always, console commands can help you bypass most bugs in this quest, albeit at the cost of the achievements getting disabled for the current save. To proceed with this method, press the tilde (~) key, which will prompt the console command to appear on your screen. Next, type in tcl and press enter. This particular command allows you to no-clip. Use it to get through the locked door and get to Briggs. Additionally, the unlockcommand can be used to unlock doors.

Use the manipulation skill –

The manipulation skill is exactly tailor-made for situations like this. Players can activate it to make Andrea open the door and continue on with the quest. However, note that the Manipulation skill is a high-tier one, and as such, players will need to spend about 12 Skill Points in the Social skill tree to even unlock it. There’s also no background in this skill, so you will need to grind a lot. If you want an alternative, then you can also use the Ryujin neuroamp, as stated by this player here, and have Andrea unlock the door.

That said, if you try the given workarounds, the quest bug should no longer exist. Well, for more such interesting guides and information on Starfield, make sure to follow DigiStatement regularly. Also read: Starfield Slow Walk Bug: Is there any fix yet

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Starfield The Audition Quest Bug: Is there any fix yet - DigiStatement (2024)


How to do the audition quest in Starfield? ›

The Audition starts in Neon, a city on Volii Alpha, the Volii System. Upon entering a specific area in Neon's Ebbside for the first time, near Madame Sauvage's Place, a local will come up to you and tell you about two rival gangs: the Disciples and the Strikers. This conversation will start The Audition side mission.

How do you find out which room Natan is in? ›

Find Out Which Room Natan is In. Following Rivkah's instruction to meet with her father on Neon, head to Hotel Volii, and talk to Minerva Clement and tell her you have a delivery for Natan. Head to the third floor and enter Natan's room after.

How do I speak to Natan Starfield? ›

Land in Neon's Spaceport, then walk to the elevator and go to the Neon Upper Platform. You can see The Volii Hotel on your right. Tell the receptionist, Minerva Clement, that you have a delivery for Natan, and she'll let you take the elevator to the third floor. Speak to Natan.

How do you acquire the disciples slate in Starfield? ›

You Can Sneak or Attack Your Way to Get the Slate

During the Acquire the Disciples' Slate Objective, you can either Sneak into Warehouse 2, or Attack all the Disciples to take the slate. Briggs will allow you to join the Ebbside Strikers regardless of your method.

Can you romance in Starfield? ›

Like many major RPGs, Starfield lets you fall in love with companions as you travel. Romance in Starfield serves many purposes beyond just roleplay, though: you'll get frequent gifts, unlock exciting new quests, and even net a large XP bonus that'll help you level up faster.

How many hours does it take to complete Starfield? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Starfield is about 23 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 147 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How many dialogue are in Starfield? ›

ICYMI: Todd Howard revealed that Starfield has 250,000 lines of dialogue and counting, compared to the roughly 60,000 in Skyrim and 111,000 in Fallout 4. It also features an in-depth speech persuasion system.

How do you run away in Starfield? ›

In Starfield, the only way to escape ship combat is through Grav Jump. Players looking to flee from pirates or other attackers must open the Starmap, choose a different star system, and jump to it. This necessitates having at least one bar filled in the Grav Jump gauge.

What to do with Hank Starfield? ›

Starfield players can Persuade him to put the weapon away, or they can attack him. If the Persuasion fails, he'll attack anyway. However, Hank is a level one character who dies to almost any attack. If Hank survives the confrontation, players can decide to either let him off or tell him to give himself in for theft.

Can you buy houses in Starfield? ›

You can get a house in Starfield by purchasing it, earning it as a quest reward, or choosing a character trait that grants you one early in the game. There are houses available in the game's major cities, so be sure to check out a few places before you decide to seal the deal.

How many planets can you go to in Starfield? ›

"From barren but resource-heavy ice balls, to Goldilocks planets with life,” Howard said during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase in June. “And not just this system, but over 100 systems — over 1,000 planets, all open for you to explore."

Can I join disciples in Starfield? ›

Yes, you can be a member of every Starfield faction.

Where can I find Andrea Sandoval in Starfield? ›

After the conversation, players will be told to meet with the Ebbside strikers inside Madame Sauvage's place, one of Neon's three main nightclubs. Upon entering, players will see a character standing near the bar named Andrea Sandoval, one of the lieutenants of the gang.

Can you join factions in Starfield? ›

Yes, you can be a member of every Starfield faction.

Although be aware that your loyalties might be tested quickly when you start getting involved with multiple factions – some of these organizations are tolerant of each other at best or mortal enemies at worst, so you might have some conflicting interests.

What happens if you side with the disciples in Starfield? ›

If you choose to side with the Disciples, you will then head back to Madame Sauvage's and kill all the Strikers' leaders. Choosing this option will likely make your companion very angry with you, so if that's something that matters to you, we recommend siding with the Strikers.

How do I get to Madame Sauvage in Starfield? ›

Madame Sauvage's Place is a shop located in the Neon Ebbside that sells Aid (Food). You can reach the Ebbside by going out the doors from Neon Core on the planet Volii Alpha of the Volii Star System.


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