Academic Regulations (2024)

Access to the Registration System

Access to the registration system is based on the student's earned hours, which include transfer hours and completed ASU hours but NOT currently enrolled courses. The Registrar's Office posts information regarding early registration access, accessing PIN numbers, registration toubleshooting, etc at There are links to the class schedule search tool as well.

Academic Load

An undergraduate is considered full time if they register for at least 12 hours in the fall/spring or 6 in a summer term. If they want to register for anything over 18 hours in the fall/spring semester or 7 in a summer term, they will need to request an overload. Overloads are requested through AppalNet and will be approved in the following manner:

2.5 cumulative GPA required for a 1 hour overload in a standard or summer term
3.0 cumulative GPA required for a 2 hour overload in a standard or summer term

Academic Standing:Undergraduate students must earn, as a minimum, a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) to continue at Appalachian in good academic standing.Any undergraduate degree-seeking full-time student enrolled in her/his first semester (fall or spring) at Appalachian State University will be academically suspended if she/he receives a GPA of 0.0 (including "I" incomplete grades) for that semester and must return under the forgiveness policy outlined below.First Semester/Zero GPA Suspension Appeal Request
Auditing a CourseInstructor and Student Signature Required. Submit to the Registrar's Office.Form
Career Drops

The Drop/Add form is used to drop parts of linked courses (i.e., lectures with labs) or to move students to another section of the same course.

The Exception to the Drop Policy requires documentation which is specified on the form.

Prior to submission to the Registrar's Office, forms are reviewed by the Dean's Office designee in the college where the course was offered.

Drop/Add Form

Request for Exception to Drop Policy

Catalog Policies

A student's catalog year must be the same for all majors, minors, concentrations etc. that are included on their record, as well as for general education.

All students may elect to graduate in accordance with the degree requirements as recorded in the catalog/bulletin that is current at the time of their first registration, or any subsequent edition under the following conditions:

  1. The student is enrolled during a period in which the catalog/bulletin is in force.
  2. Any catalog chosen must not be more than ten years old (for example, the 2011-2012 catalog is valid through summer of 2021).

To change catalog year a student must contat the dean's office of the school/college in which they are enrolled.

Chancellor's/Dean's ListEligibility Requirements for Chancellor's/ Dean's List


At the end of each semester students are classified on the basis of semester hours.
  • Students admitted as degree-seeking and who have earned less than 30 semester hours are classified as freshmen.
  • Students who have earned at least 30 semester hours are classified as sophom*ores.
  • Students who have earned at least 60 semester hours are classified as juniors.
  • Students who have earned 90 semester hours are classified as seniors.

Commencement Walkers

"Walking" in the commencement ceremony is NOT the same as graduating. Being cleared for graduation and conferral of the degree are seperate processes. Degree-seeking undergraduate students are invited to participate in the Commencement ceremony and have their names printed in the Commencement program if and when they have submitted a formal application for graduation.
  • Spring Commencement includes:
    Undergraduate students who have applied for graduation and will complete their requirements in either May or August
  • Fall Commencement includes:
    Undergraduate students who have applied for graduation and will complete their requirements in December.

Credit by Exam

See the Testing Center website for information on AB/CLEP/IB and other types of credit by exam. Incoming freshman who have questions concerning credit by exam scores should contact the ASU Office of Admissions students should contact theOffice of the Registrar.

Credit for Life Experience

Assessment of prior learning can commence only after a student has been admitted to the University and has declared a major. The student will first meet with the designated Academic Advising representative who will help in defining the areas or disciplines in which appropriate creditable learning may have occurred. Actual assessment is conducted by a faculty member in the appropriate academic area. A $100.00 fee for each area of assessment will be charged.

For more information please contact University College Advising.

Credit Limitations

Credit for Military Service

Appalachian may grant up to eight semester hours of academic credit to current or former members of the United States Armed Services who have completed initial entry training.

Students seeking academic credit should present a DD214, DD220, or Joint Services Transcript to the Office of Transfer Services. More information can be found here.


Students can drop/add courses throughout the published drop/add period (first 5 days of spring/fall semester) without academic or financial penalty. After this period students will need to fill out the Drop/Add Form.Drop/Add Form

Drop for Extenuating Circ*mstances

Extenuating circ*mstances include but are not limited to military deployment. The extenuating circ*mstances must be compelling, documented, and approved by the appropriate campus office, appealable to the Dean of the course. There is no refund or adjustment of charges if a course is dropped for extenuating circ*mstances. The course is noted as a withdrawal for extenuating circ*mstances and is included in the attempted hours.Dropping for Extenuating Circ*mstances Form
Emergency Absences

When a student is out of town and unable to return to campus due to hospitalization, death in the family, or other extenuating circ*mstances, the student or the student’s parents may contact the Office of Student Development to request that professors be notified as to the reason for the absence. This notification is conveyed as a matter of information only and does not serve as an official excuse for class absence.

If a student is in town, that student is responsible for notifying the individual faculty members that she/he will be missing class.

Evaluation of Out-of-State Associate's Degrees
ExamsA final exam period is scheudled at the end of each semester. The schedule can be found here.


FERPA gives students the right to have control over the disclosure of information from their education records. This covers all university students, including those who are under 18 years of age.

Information for Students and Parents

Forgiveness Policies Students returning to Appalachian must indicate they wish to utilize one of the two Forgiveness Policies when applying for readmission. This will not be granted retroactively.
Gen Ed completion at UNC System Institutions

A transfer student who provides sufficient evidence to demonstrate that she or he has completed the general education requirements at another of the 16 campuses in the University of North Carolina system will be considered to have fulfilled the lower-division general education requirements at Appalachian.

For more information contact the Office of General Education.

Grade Forgiveness

The first four courses a student repeats will fall under the grade forgiveness policy. The grade earned in the initial attempt will be excluded from computation in the student’s GPA automatically.

Students wishing to exempt a course from this automatic grade forgiveness must complete a Grade Forgiveness Exception Form and receive approval from their dean’s office.

Grade Forgiveness Exception Form
GraduationStudents who have enough earned hours to be eligible to apply for graduation will receive an email at the beginning of the term alerting them that the application for graduation is open.Students are required to apply for graduation during the term immediately preceding the one in which they expect to complete all coursework and requirements for graduation (including internships, study abroad, etc.). Students must apply for graduation during the semester in which ALL requirements will be completed, i.e., a student who is planning to walk in May and do an internship during the summer must apply for August graduation.
Graduation Procedure
Graduation with HonorsCriteria for Latin Honors
HonorsThe University officially recognizes students who distinguish themselves in academic pursuits. Honors Day is observed for all students qualifying for scholastic honors, and each honor student is awarded a certificate.

The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honor and service organization for students who have earned at least 14 semester hours with a cumulative 3.25 grade-point average.

Alpha Chi, a national scholastic fraternity, is open to not more than the top ten percent of the junior and senior classes who have a grade-point average of not less than 3.50. Phi Kappa Phi, a national scholastic fraternity, honors outstanding scholarship among graduating seniors in each of the colleges who have attained at least a 3.70 grade point average. Occasionally, Phi Kappa Phi taps several outstanding junior scholars for membership.

Only those courses earning credit toward graduation will be used in determining eligibility for honors.

Inclement Weather Policy

Information will be disseminated via the ASU home page, AppalNET, campus e-mails, and local radio and regional TV stations. “Classes are cancelled” means that no classes will be held on the day or night indicated

Adverse Weather Policy Explained

Adverse Weather Policy


Instructors may assign a grade of "I" (incomplete) if a student cannot finish the course for some unavoidable reason (illness, accident, internship that extends beyond the end of the term, death in family, etc). An Incomplete becomes an F if no grade is submitted within one semester. The instructor and student agree on the date for completing the course (not to exceed one semester) and when the work is completed the instructor submits a grade. This can be done as a grade change on the faculty portal any time within the next semester.

Students do NOT re-register for a class in which a grade of "I: was earned in order to complete the incomplete.

Independent StudyA completed Special Course Form must accompany the Independed Study Form.- With a note regarding syllabus
Independent Study Form
Individual Study
A completed Special Course Form must accompany the Individual Study Form. With a note regarding syllabus
Individual Study Form
Instructional AssistantshipA completed Special Course Form must accompany the Instructional Assistantship Form.Instructional Assistance Form
Internships Form
Minimum Hours to Graduate

All students are required to earn a minimum of 122 hours to graduate, even if all course requirements are complete. Some majors require up to 128 hours. All students earning a baccalaureate degree are required to earn 50 hours at a four-year institution. Students who transfer in more than 72 hours from a 2-year institution will require more than 122 hours to graduate.


Students who want to register for more than 18 hours in the fall/spring semester or 7 hours in a summer term will need to request an overload. Overloads are requested through AppalNet and will be approved in the following manner:

2.5 cumulative GPA required for a 1 hour overload in a standard or summer term
3.0 cumulative GPA required for a 2 hour overload in a standard or summer term

Overloads Procedure

Pass-Fail Grading Option
Students with sophom*ore standing or above and at least a 1.75 GPA may elect to take one course per semester (up to 6) under the pass/fail grading system. See page 7 for more details.
Repeating a Course
  • Repeat: any course taken more than one time. Students only earn credit hours ONCE for a course, regardless of the number of times the course is taken; all repeated courses are included in attempted hours. If a student repeats a course that they originally passed, and fails that repeat, they will lose ALL credit for the course.
  • Grade Forgiveness: removing the grade from the GPA calculation once a course is repeated. The grade stays on the transcript, but the GPA calculation excludes the course. The hours are included in attempted hours. There is a limit of four grade forgiveness courses (must be different courses) and the first grade is always the one excluded.The first four courses a student repeats will AUTOMATICALLY be processed as grade forgiveness courses.

Repeat Policy

Repeating a Course Form
Residency ReguirementsStudents must complete the final 30 semester hours at Appalachian, including 18 hours in their major and 9 hours in their minor. In addition, students must make at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA and major GPA. 50 s.h. must be completed at a Senior Institution. 25% of the total hours for the degree must be taken at Appalachian (i.e., 25% of 122-128).
Returning Students/ Readmission

Students who have a break in enrollment or who graduate and wish to return for a second degree must apply for readmission to return to ASU. The student must submit on online application through the Registrar's Office. There are deadlines for applying for readmission.

Returning Students/Readmission Procedure

Special CourseSpecial Course Form ProcessSpecial Course Form
Visiting Coursework

Students may request to take courses away from ASU and transfer the coursework back for degree requirements. Approval must be requested through the Office of Transfer Services PRIOR to enrollment at the other institution. Failure to secure prior approval may result in the coursework not being accepted by ASU.

Instructions and request forms are accessable through the Office of Transfer Services website.


Reduction in Courseload Policy

Withdrawal Forms
Withdrawal- From the University
Withdrawal from the University Procedure
Enrollment Discontinuation Form is available in AppalNet
10-year-old coursework

Students must have any coursework that is in excess of ten years old validated at the time of entry or re-entry into ASU. The Office of Transfer Services can provide information about the approval process for transfer coursework.

For coursework that was taken at ASU more than ten years prior to re-entry, the student should email the chair of the appropriate academic department to request a review of any coursework within that department. The chair will need to know the course number, year taken and grade earned. The chair may also request a course description or syllabus or other documentation

Academic Regulations (2024)


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