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Grow in Character and Scholarship


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The School provides a disciplined, challenging and stimulating learning environment to inspire our students to become successful lifelong learners, responsible local and global citizens, and men and women of strong ethical and moral character. We promote high standards of scholarship and work with all members of the School community to pursue personal excellence in their intellectual, physical, creative and emotional development. Every student grows in character and scholarship: Macte Virtute et Litteris.


Grow in Character and Scholarship Grow in Character and Scholarship

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Welcome to RGS Boarding

Dear Parents and Boarders

RGS is a place of opportunity for all students to grow in character and scholarship and discover pathways to successful futures. In accordance with the vision of the Founders, the purpose of boarding is to facilitate access to these opportunities for students who live some distance away from the School. However, RGS Boarding becomes so much more than accommodation, with a kindred spirit and identity of its own, as boarders attain independence and in many cases grow to love their lives in their second home.

As the custodians of RGS Boarding, myself and the Heads of Boarding look forward to sharing with you the responsibility of supporting your boarding child(ren) on that journey.

Yours in Boarding

Stewart NorfordDirector of Boarding

RGS Boarding Mission Statement

RGS Boarding is a safe and secure environment in which boarders develop the abilities needed for success in the Primary and Secondary School and a productive, responsible adult life beyond, with each boarder contributing affirmatively to a mindset of cooperation, respecting individual differences and community values, learning to value opportunities and appreciate their individual role.

RGS Boarding

Provide an affirmative and supportive educational setting and create a community of academic and vocational learners.

Engender School and community spirit and pride through caring for one another, accomplishments, commitment to education and other worthwhile pursuits.

Develop a strong sense of the RGS boarding community, and of belonging for all boarders, and of contributing affirmatively to that community through endeavour, cooperation, charitableness, service and leadership.

Engender an appreciation of and contribution to the wider community, creating principled, responsible global citizens.

Facilitate a diverse engagement in the RGS community: curriculum including vocational education, co-curriculum and socially. Promote participation in cultural and physical pursuits, rather than passivism.

Facilitate character growth and tolerance through the sharing of differing interests and backgrounds.

Inspire boarders to challenge their own and collective limits and achieve their greatest potential.

Maintain a discrimination and harassment free environment for boarders in which their rights are upheld.

Develop self-esteem in every boarder, through goal setting, accomplishments and discipline.

Engender fair play and sportsmanship.

Engender integrity, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Engender developing independence and organisational capability.

Develop the leadership potential of every boarder.

Mr Stewart NorfordDirector of Boarding

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Grow in Character and Scholarship

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Grow in Character and Scholarship

School Contact DetailsSchool Contact Details

Title Name Email TelephoneHEADMASTER Dr Phillip Moulds [emailprotected] 49 360 615

DEPUTY HEADMASTER Bill Weigall [emailprotected] 49 360 647

DIRECTOR OF BOARDING Stewart Norford [emailprotected] 0419 713 706

HEAD OF GIRLS BOARDING Raquel Mangin [emailprotected] 0400 311 424

HEAD OF BOYS BOARDING Brian Poxon (commencing 2022)


Alison Wright [emailprotected] 49 360 625


Reniece Carter [emailprotected] 49 360 609


Todd Wells [emailprotected] 49 360 870

REGISTRAR (ENROLMENTS) Marissa Holloway [emailprotected] 49 360 700

MAIN RECEPTION [emailprotected] 49 360 600

PRIMARY SCHOOL [emailprotected] 49 360 650


WHEATCROFT DORM Boys Year 6, 7 & 8 Dormitory

49 360 685

SPORTS REGISTRAR Debbie Cloete [emailprotected] 49 360 865

NURSE MANAGER Melanie March [emailprotected] 49 360 693

HEALTH CENTRE Lisa Geddes Katrina Brose

[emailprotected] 49 360 638

RED & BLACK SHOP Nicole Penrose [emailprotected] 49 360 653

FOOD SERVICES Tanya Curtis-Flynn [emailprotected] 49 360 617

LAUNDRY 49 360 661

TABLET CENTRE [emailprotected] 49 360 860


Stephen Brady [emailprotected] 49 360 660


Jenny Lo Monaco [emailprotected] 49 360 662

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE / FEES [emailprotected] 49 360 613

RGS 2022 Term Dates Term 123 January: New Boarders’ Welcome Day24 January: Orientation Day for all new students (including all Year 7 students) Continuing boarders return 25 January: First day of Term 11 April: Last day of Term 1

Term 219 April: Student Free Day, boarders return 20 April: First day of Term 224 June: Last day of Term 2

Term 311 July: Student Free Day, boarders return 12 July: First day of Term 39 September: Last day of Term 3 for students

Term 43 October: Queen’s Birthday Holiday, boarders return4 October: First day of Term 424 November: Last day of Term 4 for students (P-11)

Please note: A detailed school calendar is available on Parent Lounge.

Please note: School Heads of Year and Boarding Heads of Year will be confirmed at a later date.

Red & Black Shop HoursTerm Time Hours8:00am - 10:00am and 12:00pm - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)

Extended Holiday Trading 2021 - 20228:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday

Monday 15 November - Friday 10 December 2021

Tuesday 4 January - Friday 28 January 2022

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Grow in Character and ScholarshipGrow in Character and Scholarship

Orientation ProgrammeNew Boarders’ Orientation WeekendWhen: Friday 26 - Sunday 28 November 2021

The New Boarders’ Orientation Weekend is a fantastic opportunity for incoming boarders of all year levels to get a taste of boarding life and familiarise themselves with the School and boarding staff. It is also an opportunity for your son/daughter to meet their peers who will join them on their RGS Boarding journey.

The students will sleep in the dorms, eat meals in the Dining Hall and engage in a range of activities, including team building exercises and excursions.

Attendance at the Orientation Weekend is not compulsory, however it is highly encouraged. Those unable to participate in the weekend, or parts of it, will not be disadvantaged.

There will also be optional sessions for parents across the weekend for those wishing to participate, including information sessions and an RGS subsidiary campuses school tour (pending Queensland Health guidelines at the time).

A final programme for the weekend will be distributed to new boarding families closer to the time.

Please note that there is a possibility this Orientation Weekend, or particular activities planned, may not go ahead due to Covid-19 guidelines at the time. If this is the case we will give families as much notice as possible.

Grow in Character and Scholarship

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Boarding RequirementsWherever possible all articles should be durable and capable of being machine laundered. Some extra name tags should be left in the laundry sorting room. All articles should have the student’s first and last name plus their laundry number sewn on in the most visible place (collar, waistband, etc.). Name tags can be ordered through the Red & Black Shop.

Linen:1 or 2 pillows and 2 or 4 pillow cases 2 towels for showers1 towel for swimming2 single sheets fitted or flat2 optional top sheets flat1 blanket or doona with 2 removable washable covers recommended

Sleepwear/Underwear:10 sets of underwear2 sets of sleepwear1 dressing gown & slippers (optional)

Miscellaneous:All personal effects should be labelled

1 sleeping bag (school camps, weekends at Ritamada)1 shoe cleaning outfit with black shoe polish OR Scuff Stuff toiletries: brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors. Wire coat hangers are supplied. Other coat hangers welcome at parent’s discretion1 pair of thongs 1 pair of swimming togs or board shorts (and top for girls)1 rashie sun protection swimming shirt2 durable small to medium padlocks for cupboards. Combination locks are preferred2 cotton mesh laundry bags (from the Red & Black Shop)1 water bottle (any description 500ml – 800ml approximately)1 personal fan (optional)

Boys After School/Out of Class Wear:All outfits must conform to standards of decency and modesty expected in the School.

3 shirts, casual shirts – with and without collars3 pairs of knee length shorts, not board shorts1 pair of casual shoes for dining room and shopping etc.2 t-shirts, for after school2 pairs of casual shorts1 pair of dark BLUE denim jeans2 pairs of mid-thigh length dark BLUE denim shorts1 Years 10-12 modest semi-formal outfit appropriate for evening functions such as mocktails, etc.

Girls After School/Out of Class Wear:All outfits must conform to standards of decency and modesty expected in the School.

3 casual blouses with sleeves3 casual shirts – with and without collars2 casual skirts or simple, neat dresses in easy care fabrics1 pair of casual shoes for dining room and shopping etc.2 t-shirts, for after school2 mid-thigh length casual shorts 1 pair of dark BLUE denim jeans2 mid-thigh length dark BLUE denim shorts1 Years 10-12 modest semi-formal outfit appropriate for evening functions such as mocktails, etc.

New Boarders’ Welcome DayWhen: Sunday 23 January 2022

The New Boarders’ Welcome Day is when new boarders move into the Boarding Houses, ready to start Term 1. It is an opportunity for new boarding families to set up dormitory rooms and say their goodbyes, prior to the return of continuing boarders.

Parents are encouraged to stay and join the students for Morning Tea in the Dining Hall, which will be followed by information sessions. Families will also have their ‘First Day at RGS’ family photo taken by school staff.

A final programme for the New Boarders’ Welcome Day will be distributed to new boarding families closer to the time.

Orientation DayWhen: Monday 24 January 2022

Orientation Day is for all new students to the School, including both Boarding and Day students. While there will be a brief Information Session for parents on this morning, it is not essential that boarding parents stay in town for Orientation Day.

Please refer to the Secondary Handbook (or Primary Handbook for Primary boarders), for the Orientation Day programme specific to the year level your son/daughter will be entering.

All students are required to wear their day uniform on this day. Boarding staff will assist new boarders in getting ready for the day and will accompany them to their Orientation programme.

Continuing boarders will return to the Boarding Houses on this day.

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Grow in Character and ScholarshipGrow in Character and Scholarship

Boarding/School Expectations

Students are expected to:

• Behave with consideration for others (staff and pupils) and their property at all times.• Comply with the routines and procedures of the Boarding House.• Play their part in ensuring the safety and security of all in the Boarding House.• To raise issues of concern through the appropriate channels.

Before leaving the House each day:

• Check personal presentation. Uniforms at appropriate length, clean and ironed. • School shoes polished.• Hair clean and neat.• Adherence with school policy in regards to jewellery.• Beds are to be made.• All personal items of clothing are to be placed in the spaces provided.• Desks are to be left in tidy order.• Lights and fans are to be turned off.• Scheduled dormitory duties are to be carried out.

Sanctions are imposed when students fail to meet the expectations as outlined above. These sanctions will be:

• Clearly explained and displayed.• Commensurate with the transgression.• Aimed at providing the student with the opportunity to consider the implications of his/her failure to meet expectations.• Here again, respect is the guiding principle: respect for the boarding environment and all who live in the community; and respect for self in being organised for the day ahead.

Nature of Parent-Boarding School Communication

Running a home with several children and running a House with fifty children are simply not comparable. Consequently, not only routines and expectations are different but the culture of both environments can be very different. From time to time disagreements on issues will occur. As always, the communication that follows should be open and frank but also based on mutual respect and a sense of empathy and generosity.

We see ourselves in partnership with parents working towards a common goal where division is fertile ground for those younger and less mature. We accept that parents have choices about the schooling of their children and that equally not every child is suited to a boarding life or, for that matter, boarding at our School. It is the best interest of the child that must be paramount. To this end, the School has provided the Boarding Heads of Year with phone and email. Our advice is that on personal and conflict resolution issues, initially a direct conversation is preferable to email, because tone and context are much harder to misinterpret.

So much of what we do in boarding depends on the student doing the right thing and abiding by our guidelines. Serious breaches of trust in boarding will result in suspension. The student will return to School only after consultation between the student, parents and the relevant Head or Director of Boarding and/or the Headmaster.

To provide a framework for happy and peaceful communal living, within which students can develop their individuality and tolerance of the needs of others.

To allow students to develop increasing responsibility for themselves as they progress through the different stages of boarding.

To ensure the safety and security of the students.

Grow in Character and Scholarship

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Succeeding as a BoarderThere are various ways in which the progress and wellbeing of your child can be evaluated in boarding and at the School. Academic and boarding reports are provided to families at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 4.

The RGS Boarding reputation is not built on everything being always right, but rather on open communication and our affirmative response to reasonable feedback, and fixing problems as they arise.

We encourage parents to informally check with their child how they are progressing against the fundamental expectations that are first discussed in the enrolment interview, and which are reiterated perennially to boarders.

These are: • Do your schoolwork with a positive attitude, and to a good standard or better. Remember that schoolwork

always remains the priority reason for being at RGS. In the senior years, for some students the emphasis shifts towards vocational education according to chosen curriculum-plus pathways, but the requirement prevails of maintaining a good standard or better. The emphasis is on effort and conduct in class (or in the workplace) and with homework and assignments; higher levels of achievement will follow.

• Conduct yourself well; moderately and decently, in a manner that is endorsed by boarding staff and teachers and makes your parents proud. Treat others well, especially younger students, and those less well-off in any given situation. Be caring. Make no one sad; bullying is not tolerated, do not contribute to it, or let it happen to anyone.

• Realise you can’t have it all your own way. Consider others.• Present yourself well; moderately and decently, wearing school uniform properly and with pride, shoes

polished and hair per the School’s expectations. For boys, socks up, shirt tucked in and top button done up with tie. Girls ties to be tied at all times.

• Be clean. Keep good personal hygiene. Shower in the morning and in the evening/night.• Engage in the school and boarding community, socially and in activities. Always have a co-curricular

commitment, sporting or cultural or both. Participate in dormitory activities, whether that be a trip to the beach, a game of cards or chess, or a swim in the pool.

• Serve the community: the school community e.g. serving at dinners, or the wider community e.g. Grammar Global or charities.

• Seek leadership opportunities. Lead positively; don’t be a negative influence on peers and the residential community.

• Be organised. Plan. Keep your living area tidy.• Be resilient. Manage and learn from disappointments and mistakes.• Talk to someone about problems before they become problems. Work on solving your own problems by

asking the right people for help. Don’t ring up mum and dad and ask them to fix problems that they can’t. Rather, ring them up afterwards and tell them you HAD a problem and how you solved it.

• Honour your family name.

Settling InIt is important to remember that home is not diminished in the world of boarders, in fact it customarily becomes more precious. It is not a case of boarding or home, but rather, boarding being added to your child’s world.

For families it is an emotionally challenging period, as the life of their child ‘takes off’, whilst for some their life as a parent becomes quieter, with substantial melancholy and occasional doubts. Initially parents will miss their child and it may be some time before the merits and upside of the development of your child in boarding outweigh the bittersweet. Please know that the School is here to support you in any way we can as your family makes these adjustments.

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Grow in Character and Scholarship Grow in Character and Scholarship

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Living in RGS Boarding

ABSENCES Boarding Heads of Year/Head of Boarding/Director should be notified of all student absences ahead of time.

In the Secondary School, a request for extended leave form is required for absences longer than two school days. This can be obtained from respective Day School Heads of Year.Please note – Boarding Heads of Year cannot grant leave from the Day School. Leave intentions must be communicated with respective Day School Heads of Year, with Boarding Heads of Year included in communications.All absences are recorded by the School and followed up. Unexplained absences are not acceptable.

Where foreseeable absences are for more than a day or two and will impact substantially on the learning process, where possible the student should be proactive in seeing subject teachers prior to the absence, to notify them in person and ask about work that can be done whilst away, in order to keep pace with the class. For sudden absences, such as illness, the parent can request the Head of Year to ask teachers to forward work. The emphasis is on proactiveness by the student to ensure that the disruption to classwork and learning is minimised.

Early leave at the end of term is contrary to the complete education of RGS students. After examinations at the end of term, important learning experiences occur such as reviewing assessment, commencing work for the following term, or character development programs. The Heads of Boarding request that you support these integral learning experiences and not take your child home prior to the end of term. Requests to the contrary should be emailed to the respective Day School Head of Year and Boarding Head of Year for approval. Such requests put pressure on the entire Boarding House regarding attendance at the end of term, because other boarders might question why they should be at school while the absent student is not.

AEROSOLSAerosol cans/sprays when used inappropriately can trigger the Fire Alarm particle detectors on the ceiling of all dormitories. Once activated, the alarm system might call out the fire brigade, and the cost of a call–out for a false alarm (in excess of $1300) will be billed to the family of any boarder who intentionally activates the alarms with spray deodorant.

ASSESSMENT SCHEDULESAt the beginning of each semester parents may access a copy of their child’s assessment schedule for each subject which is available on Parent Lounge. With this information parents can continue to play an active and informed role in their child’s education. This schedule will cover major and minor examinations, tests and assignments.

BAD NEWSIt can be very difficult for a child who is far from home to receive bad news. We encourage you in such a case to contact your child’s Head of Boarding or the Boarding Head

of Year so that we can ensure the news is broken as gently as possible and that your child has friends nearby to support him/her. The School Psychologist(s) and/or Chaplain also has a vital role to play in this area and will be made available if possible.

BAGS FOR LUGGAGEAs storage for luggage in dormitories is limited, it is recommended that students bring their possessions in a simple “zip” or “stripey” bag. These are inexpensive and easily purchased from stores such as Big W, K Mart, The Reject Shop, Silly Solly’s etc. A picture of this type of bag is below. These bags can also be folded away to occupy very little space under the bed or in a cupboard at school.

BANK ACCOUNTSIdeally, every student should have an account with a bank which has an ATM in Rockhampton. This allows students to have money available when needed without having to keep it in the Boarding House. We recommend internet access of the account by the parent. This allows parents to assist their children with the management of their funds. Regular deposits are encouraged so that the child does not have access to large amounts of money. Cash can be withdrawn via the school canteen EFTPOS facility with Boarding Head of Year consent.

BED LINENThis should be provided by parents. Students should have 2-4 pillowcases, 2 sets of sheets and 2 doona covers. Students must change linen weekly and it can be laundered by the school laundry.

Boarders/parents are responsible for ensuring that all items are clearly marked with their name and laundry number.

BIKESBikes, other than those used for training purposes, are not permitted at School. Training bikes must be locked in an area designated by the Head of Year and safety equipment must be worn when out riding.

Skateboards are not permitted as there is no suitable area on the School campus for their safe use.

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Grow in Character and Scholarship

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Living in RGS Boarding

BIRTHDAYSBirthday cakes/flowers can be delivered to the School Office or the Boarding House. Contact Head of Year for advice and/ or arrangements.

BOARDER LONG WEEKENDSIn most school terms we have designated long weekends. These weekends are normally in line with public holidays or student free days. As not all students are able to go home or to host families, the Boarding House does remain open.

These long weekends represent an opportunity for senior students especially, to catch up or get ahead on assignments. Years 6 to 10 boarders are encouraged to go home and catch up with family or to stay with a friend’s family.

BOARDER PARENTS’ ASSOCIATIONBoarder parents have an Association of which all our parents become automatic members. Meetings are held early in each term via Microsoft Teams. Dates will be notified prior.

BULLYINGBullying in the day school and Boarding Houses will not be tolerated, and incidences will be dealt with according to School policies.

CALENDARPlease refer to the calendar on Parent Lounge for major events throughout the school year.

CAPRICORNUS QUARTERLYEach term the School produces a magazine called CAPRICORNUS QUARTERLY, covering the major events of that term and highlights upcoming events. This magazine is sent in hardcopy to all boarding parents automatically at the end of each term or can be accessed on the School website.

CARSHaving a car at school is a Year 12 privilege, but will be approved for Year 11s where necessary, with restricted use.

The Year 12 Boarding Heads of Year maintain checks and controls, but the onus is on trust and responsibility by the student. There is a remarkably good record of responsible operation established in recent years. Details of the operating contract for a vehicle for Year 11/12s is available from Year 11/ 12 Boarding Heads of Year.

CHURCH SERVICESChildren who wish to attend services are encouraged to.

COAT HANGERSConventional wire coat hangers are supplied. Some students prefer to provide their own, but that is not a requirement.

CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMMEThe School offers a wide array of sports and club activities for your child to become involved in. At all times we strongly encourage your support in ensuring that your child finds some activities that allows them both a break from the normal daily routine as well as an avenue for building upon their self-esteem.

Where your child’s interest extends beyond the RGS co-curricular programme, and the School does not offer that activity, the School is happy to assist in ensuring your child joins and participates in the local club competition (e.g. gymnastics, etc.). If you have any concerns regarding this please contact Mr. Todd Wells, Director of Co-Curriculum.

CONTACT INFORMATIONPlease notify Reception in writing as soon as possible of any change of address, email or telephone number(s). It is important that we are able to contact parents at any time. If you are going to be out of communication for any reason, please provide a contact telephone number of a suitable person who can act as guardian for your child during your absence.

Parent email addresses are vital to our communication structure and should be provided, along with any updates, to the Boarding Head of Year.

COUNSELLINGThe School has psychologists and a Chaplain available for confidential discussion and advice by arrangement with Heads of Boarding and Heads of Year. For ongoing concerns, both our psychologists and a local doctor can suggest referral to an external provider where necessary.

COVID-19The School takes very seriously its great responsibility to all staff and students to minimise the possibility of COVID-19 infection. To this end we follow the directions of Queensland Health and the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC).

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 12

Living in RGS Boarding

What has resonated from the threat of COVID-19 is the essential need for good hand hygiene, with frequent washing of hands and application of sanitiser being an expectation, self awareness about having symptoms of common cold or flu or any other virus or secondary bacterial infection, and taking responsible measures to minimise the possibility of others in the community contracting whichever contagious illness.

If a boarder has cold or flu-like or secondary bacterial infection signs or symptoms, they are required to get a COVID-19 test, and be isolated for the interim period prior to being notified about test result. It is a responsibility of parents of boarders who are tested, to arrange interim accommodation for their child until test result and also until symptoms abate, and the best alternative may be at home, requiring travel to and from School at short notice.

DAY STUDENTS It is important that boarders make every effort to become friends among the day student community. This helps to prevent any undue division between the boarders and day students in the school. Day Students visiting the Boarding House after school must sign the Visitor’s Register available in the office after consultation with a relevant boarding staff member on duty.

DENTISTThe School does not have an appointed dentist but students and parents may request appointments and the Health Centre will support the request via taxi voucher arrangements.

DIARYEach child is issued with a School diary. This diary is used to record all homework, assignments and tests etc.

DINING ROOMDress and BehaviourStudents and staff should be of the understanding that when in the Dining Room, they are not eating in their own home kitchen, but rather in a very public place akin to a restaurant. The expectations outlined below are no more than would be called for under such circ*mstances, and allow all who choose to eat there to do so in peace, quiet and with dignity. Students and staff are asked to co-operate by adhering to the following expectations regarding dress and behaviour:

Behaviour• Being grateful to those who provide quality food for us and maintain a clean eating area• Being responsible for our personal presentation in the Dining Room• Being responsible for any mess we create by cleaning up after ourselves and putting away items• Being responsible for our behaviour in the Dining Room by using our manners and minding our language• Being conscious of limiting waste by reducing our use of non-recyclable items.

DressTo be presentable for the Dining Room you must –

• Wash your hands every time• Brush your hair and/or tie your hair back neatly

• Wear your PE sports uniform with sports shoes or • Wear your full day uniform including tie (in winter) and black school shoes or • Wear good casual clothes including appropriate length shorts and shirts with sleeves, with or without collars for boys and girls• Wear plain black leggings with no mesh panels with RGS Dance attire or PE shirt• Wear RGS Netball dress with PE sport shirt over the top or an RGS jacket• Shoes – fully covered Monday – Friday

The following are not to be worn in the Dining Room:• Singlets• Cap or hat• Sandals, slides, thongs, football boots, bare feet or just socks• Sporting apparel, including crop tops, football jerseys, football shorts and gym wear• Swim wear (bikinis, one piece, rashies and skins)• Shirts or shorts with inappropriate slogans• Clothing that is see-through• Miniskirts, strapless tops, midriff tops, short shorts • Pyjamas/slippers/boxers shorts• Dirty clothing from being at sport/agriculture/work (those arriving from sports or other physical activities should have showered before entering the Dining Room)

From Friday dinner on weekends, students may wear thongs and casual clothing.

Dining Hall Routine/HoursThe Dining Room is open Monday to Friday at the following times:

MONDAY - FRIDAY DINING HALL TIMESBreakfast All Year Levels 6.00am - Continental

6.30am - 8.30am Hot Breakfast

Morning Tea

All Year Levels 10.10am - 10.30am (Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri)10.30am - 11.10am (Wed)

Lunch Years 7 to 9 12.30pm - 1.10pm

Years 10 to 12 1.10pm - 1.50pm


All Year Levels 3.10pm - 3.45pm


Indicative times only

Years 6 to 8 5.10pm - 5.35pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Years 9 & 10 5.45pm - 6.10pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Years 11 & 12 6.20pm - 6.50pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Years 6 to 12 Friday - One Sitting5:10pm - 6.15pm

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Grow in Character and Scholarship Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 14

Grow in Character and Scholarship

Living in RGS Boarding

The Dining Room is open Saturday and Sunday at the following times:


Sunday7.00am - Continental8.00am - 10.30am Hot B/F

Lunch Saturday and Sunday

12.00pm - 1.30pmAll Year Levels

Afternoon Tea Saturday and Sunday

3.10pm - 3.45pmAll Year Levels


Indicative times only

Saturday andSunday

5.10pm - 6.15pmAll Year Levels

DOCTORThe School has its own appointed doctor. Parents may direct their child to be seen by other doctors but must make this arrangement through the Health Centre. Taxi bookings for transport to and from appointments can be made through the Health Centre.

DRESS CODE• School uniform is worn on weekdays until 3.10pm.

Boarders can change into casual clothes at the end of the school day or remain in their uniform, however it must be full school uniform with school shoes.

• Year 6 - 9 students must wear full school uniform, including hat, for off campus leave to the shops after school, whilst senior students have the option of full school uniform or changing into appropriate casual attire.

• Boarders may wear casual clothes at any time on campus out of school hours, including weekends. Whilst a reasonably flexible range of personal dress styles is allowed, we do require students to meet a particular standard of presentation, especially in public.

• Year 6 - 9 students must wear full PE uniform for off campus leave to Stockland on Saturdays.

• Footwear must be worn at all times when moving around the campus. This is a Workplace Health and Safety requirement.

• RGS cap to be worn with RGS PE uniform only.• Girls may only wear one earring in each ear. Boys are

not permitted to wear earrings.

DRIVING LESSONSDriving lessons may be taken after school or in spares with parental permission. Lessons should not be taken at a time when a student has a school commitment.

FANSDormitories are air-conditioned and have ceiling or wall fans. Some boarders also like to have their own small personal fan. These are optional. Personal fans must be small and fit on a desk or ledge. They cannot be pedestal type.

FIRE DRILLThe campus is protected by a sophisticated alarm system. This ensures the safety of all the children and staff. The boarders are instructed on how to evacuate in an emergency and emergency drills are practised regularly.

FLU VACCINATIONAuthorisation notes are sent out to all parents regarding Flu Vaccination. The School recommends all boarding students have the vaccination. Allergies must be noted on this form.

FOODA nutritionally well-balanced diet is provided at all times and fresh fruit, bread and spreads are available at every meal and throughout the day.

Where boarders are vegetarians or have allergies and intolerances, parents should provide a letter to that effect. The chef will prepare suitable meals. The dining room will further meet special requests based on medical advice.

If you wish to discuss your child’s food intolerances in more detail, please make an appointment to speak with Ms Tanya Curtis-Flynn, Food Services Manager ([emailprotected]).

It is essential that all food allergies or intolerances for your child are kept up to date at all times. This can be done online through Parent Lounge or by contacting the Dining Hall and Health Centre.

GRAFFITIOffenders will be asked to remove graffiti in their own time and in the event that the property cannot be restored to its original condition, they will be asked to pay for its replacement.

HEALTH CENTREThe School provides a 24 hour on-call service for all boarding students. Clinic hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday 7.15am to 8.45pmSaturday 8.00am - 9.15am 6.30pm - 7.15pmSunday 10.00am –

11.45am6.30pm – 7.45pm

In the event of ill health, a student is transferred to this Centre where they come under the care of Health Centre Nurses. Students needing assistance outside clinic hours should contact their Boarding Head of Year.

Parents will always be contacted by the Nurse on duty when there is reason for concern. In minor cases, the children are asked to telephone home themselves.

If an infectious disease is contracted, the patient is sent home if the family resides close by.

When attending the Health Centre, all students must be attired appropriately i.e. pyjamas are not acceptable clothing to be worn to and from the Health Centre.

New Year 6, 7 and 8 students may be accompanied to medical appointments outside the School. Year 9 and up is on request of student or parent.

2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (9)

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 15

Grow in Character and Scholarship

Living in RGS Boarding

Students requiring hospital treatment will be accompanied. Parents will be informed by the staff member on duty in the Health Centre at the time.

It is recommended that each student be covered by Private Health Insurance, but this is not essential unless a student is from overseas. Overseas students must at all times have current Overseas Health Cover.

HOME SICKNESS Students and families will be well supported by boarding staff according to the needs of the individual.

LAPTOPS AND COMPUTERSStudents may bring their laptops to school providing they understand that they are brought to school at the owner’s risk. All students will have Tablet PC computers provided by the School.

All students must adhere to the computer policy outlined by the School. If computers are being used for non-academic purposes, then this should be outside designated Prep times and only age-appropriate material should be viewed.Any breach of the policy and procedures could result in the privilege of being allowed to use a laptop at school being withdrawn.

LAUNDRYThe School operates a full laundry service at no extra cost to parents. Boarders may prefer to use the washing machines in some dormitories.

LEAVERGS Boarding Leave Policy and GuidelinesOrahThe official means of arranging leave, including parent consent where required, is via Orah, the student leave management system used by RGS Boarding.

When a parent or their son/daughter submits leave into the Orah system, there are parameters set up to ensure that all necessary information is entered. This includes:

1. Who the leave is with: parent or specified host;2. The purpose of the leave;3. The details of the host, including contact phone number(s);4. The day(s), estimated pick up time and return time;5. The means of transport. Sometimes someone else is picking up or dropping off the student, and this is not a problem so long as it is confirmed;6. For older students, a clear indication of any party that is to be attended, confirming that the parent has contacted the host of the party.

The relevant Boarding Head of Year and Head of Boarding will be notified of the leave via the Orah notification system. At this point, if all necessary information is given by the parent and the parent has endorsed any leave submissions made by their son/daughter, the Boarding Head of Year will give final approval for the leave. If there is further information required, the Boarding Head of Year will contact the parent before giving final approval.

There are occasions when notice is not possible because of a change in circ*mstances, and it is acceptable, although not favoured, to contact by email, text or to phone the Boarding Head of Year, or in their absence the Head of Boarding, to arrange leave. Details of the leave will be entered directly into Orah and approval granted. Notes of communication with parents are included in the leave entry.

Leave with ParentsAll reasonable requests for leave with parents will be approved, especially if the guidelines in the agreement below are followed.

Parents will be reminded of the Parent Agreement of RGS Boarders on Leave (below) at the beginning of each year. Our policy is not about restricting leave, but rather about leave being consented to after the circ*mstances of the leave are clear to all. Ultimately it is about all stakeholders: parents, Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding and host where applicable, knowing the whereabouts of the student and that they are safe and in good care. Parent Agreement of RGS Boarders on LeaveThe notification of leave to the Head of Year by the parent incorporates acceptance of these aspects of responsibility for their boarder son or daughter.

As the parent of an RGS boarder on leave I accept:

1. That I am responsible for the welfare and conduct of my son and/or daughter for the duration of the leave, until such time as I ensure that they are signed back in to the Boarding House.

2. That I am expected to know the whereabouts of my son and/or daughter for the duration of the leave, and ensure adequate supervision.

3. That I am aware of the nominated time of return to the Boarding House, and that if the leave:is extended beyond the nominated time, anything more than several hours and certainly if more than a day later (i.e. overnight) concludes much earlier than the nominated time, anything more than several hours and certainly more than a day earlier I will notify the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding.

4. That I am responsible for ensuring that my son and/or daughter wears the appropriate uniform to any School event that they attend whilst in my care.

5. That the School does not condone smoking or under age consumption of alcohol.

6. That the School does not grant permission for Boarders on leave to travel in a car driven by provisionally registered (P Plate) drivers except by express written consent of the parents of the student and also the parents of the provisionally registered driver.

Leave with HostsAt the discretion of Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding, hosts will be initially asked to acknowledge the Host Agreement of RGS Boarders on leave when taking a boarder on leave. Our policy is not about restricting leave, but rather about leave being consented to after the circ*mstances of the leave is clear to all.

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 16

Grow in Character and Scholarship

Living in RGS Boarding

Leave with hosts initially requires four-way communication between student, parent, host and Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding, prior to approval.

The student intending to go on leave, and/or the parent, must request leave via Orah or discuss the proposed leave with the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding prior. A couple of days’ notice is ideal, or further in advance. Host leave will not be granted without reasonable notice. The onus of notifying the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding lies increasingly with the student as he/she matures.

Host Agreement for RGS Boarders on LeaveThe host will acknowledge the conditions of their responsibility for the boarder on leave in their care. At the discretion of Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding, this may be done by:

• the host receiving a copy of the agreement when signing out the student

• an email from the host to the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding

• an understood carry-over acknowledgement for regular and reliable hosts.

As the host of an RGS boarder on leave I accept:

1. That I have been in contact with the parent of the boarder to discuss the leave, where applicable.

2. That I am responsible for the welfare and conduct of the boarder for the duration of the leave, until such time as I ensure that they are signed back in to the Boarding House.

3. That I am expected to know the whereabouts of the boarder for the duration of the leave, and ensure adequate supervision.

4. That I am aware of the nominated time of return to the Boarding House, and that if the leave: • is extended beyond the nominated time, anything more than several hours and certainly if more than a day later (i.e. overnight) • concludes much earlier than the nominated time, anything more than several hours and certainly more than a day earlier I will notify the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding.

5. That I am responsible for ensuring that boarders wear the appropriate uniform to any school event that they attend whilst in my care.

6. That the School does not condone smoking or under age consumption of alcohol.

7. That the School does not grant permission for boarders on leave to travel in a car driven by provisionally registered (P Plate) drivers except by consent by email of the parents of the student and also the parents of the provisionally registered driver.

Minimum Age of HostThe minimum age of a responsible host is difficult to define. Some older siblings of students are quite responsible upon leaving school; however, this is customarily not the case. We therefore recommend a minimum age of 21 for hosts.

More importantly, when information about unsatisfactory circ*mstances of leave with a particular host comes back to us, we will proactively communicate this to the parent with a recommendation that leave with that host is not consented to in future. This can be avoided by parents not consenting to leave with hosts, including family members, whose level of responsibility is in doubt.

Leave Times and NegotiationLeave may be requested for any time and duration within reason. There are no recommended times for periods of leave. The student may come and go from the Boarding House at times that suit the parent(s), within reason, being considerate of Prep times, quiet time and final roll check prior to lights out in respective dormitories; please check with the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding.

Leave arrangements should not disrupt the learning process; only under extenuating or special circ*mstances should leave be requested during school time or Prep times in the evening. Any leave where boarders will be absent from the day school needs to be applied for through appropriate Day School Head of Year. Returning from leave during Prep time is disruptive.

Proposed leave should also take into consideration the student’s commitment to the co-curricular programme, deferring to any training, rehearsals, games or performances. Such commitments can of course be met by the student whilst on leave.

Notice of Weekend Leave with Parent or HostWeekend leave should be notified no later than Thursday morning prior, preferably Wednesday, allowing sufficient time for the leave request to be processed and any necessary checks to be made.

Requests for leave requiring train bookings should be finalised by Wednesday. Late bookings are possible but are problematic for relevant boarding and Queensland Rail staff.

Signing outAll student leave must be negotiated with the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding prior to a student signing out. This ensures that staff are fully aware of student movements, especially relating to hosts.

There will be occasions where leave entered into Orah has not been seen by a parent and therefore parent approval has not been granted. A boarding staff member will therefore contact the parents to obtain the necessary permission. The student will not leave boarding unless full details of leave are obtained and parents have given approval. If a student does not sign out and goes on unapproved leave, there are serious consequences.

A parent or host is required to pick up and return the student in person to and from the Boarding House. Parents and hosts must sign students in and out electronically using Orah. Boarding staff will assist with this process as there are various leave types such as Host Leave, where a staff member can only sign the student out. This ensures that staff are fully aware of the student movements, especially relating to hosts.

2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (10)

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 18

Living in RGS Boarding

There may be circ*mstances in which the parents or host requests that the student signs themselves out and meets them to collect. This must be negotiated with the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding prior to the student departing and the parent/hosts accepts responsibility from the moment the student is signed out by boarding staff on duty.

The imperative requirement that is never waived is signing out via Orah with the assistance of a boarding staff member. Staff are on duty in the Boarding House or in close proximity. Leave must be negotiated with the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding prior, and then the student must sign out. Not signing out is a serious offence that will be dealt with accordingly.

Amount/Frequency of LeaveThe amount or frequency of leave is at the parent(s) discretion. The only consideration is that leave should not diminish the opportunity of the individual student to attain the highest outcomes which they are capable of, and maintain an extensive connection with the boarding community.

Social outings to the movies and dinner etc. are not appropriate on Sunday – Thursday nights. Leave with family is always negotiable however.

Return to the Boarding House from LeaveWhen leave is notified and/or the student is signed out, a projected time of return to the Boarding House should be indicated, and then as that time approaches the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding should be notified if that return time is to be amended.

The student must sign in, indicating their return to the Boarding House. The Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding reserves the right to insist that the parent or host signs in the student personally.

Leave Approved by Boarding StaffLeave will be controlled/granted by the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding where the student remains in the extended care of the Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding but is off campus - such as shopping, co-curricular activities and excursions. The Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding will ensure satisfactory supervision of the student by relevant staff, to ensure a duty of care is always provided.

The Boarding Head of Year or Head of Boarding acts in loco parentis and will exercise due judgement in granting such leave.

Saturday Shopping LeaveStudent leave is permitted to Stockland Shopping Centre each Saturday during term time. Year 6 - 8 students must return by 10.30am, whilst Year 9 - 12 students must return on the 1.00pm bus from Stockland. RGS bus transport is provided.

Year 6 – 9 students wear RGS red and black and denim: dark blue denim jeans or thigh–length dark blue shorts, and sport shoes. Year 10 to 12 wear good casuals, no rubber thongs.

Leave SuspensionsFrom time to time, due to inappropriate behaviour, students may be denied all or some forms of leave, in consultation with parents. This reinforces that leave is a privilege that is afforded to students who maintain a relationship of trust within the residential community.

The term for a leave suspension in Orah is called ‘gating’. A Boarding Head of Year can submit information into Orah to alert all relevant boarding staff of the gating and the parameters set for the student. This information can also be sent to parents via Orah.

Transport by Private Vehicle with a Provisional Licensed (P Plate) DriverStudents will not be granted permission to travel in cars driven by provisionally registered drivers except by express emailed consent of the parents of the student and also the parents of the provisionally registered driver.

Leave supervised by StaffFrom time to time outings are arranged and supervised by staff, and consent for these is authorised by the staff in loco parentis.

Leave Functions / PartiesAttendance by boarders at non-RGS functions and parties requires a parent to make decisions based on knowledge provided from their child and through communication with adult hosts prior to granting leave for their son/daughter. Details to be established include -

• name and contact number of the adult host/s• location of function / party• time and date of function / party• contacting the adult party host to ensure adequate

supervision will be provided at the function / party• contacting the adult party host to ensure that they

have been advised of your son/daughter’s attendance at the function / party

• contacting the adult party host to ask about whether alcohol will be present at the function / party

• making inquiries with relevant adult hosts regarding overnight accommodation arrangements and travel arrangements to and from the function / party

Please note – Boarders will not be permitted to return to dormitories if alcohol is known to be available at a function / party. Overnight leave with a host must be organised.

LIBRARYBooks and novels are available for loan. Boarders are welcome to spend quiet time in the library.

LUNCHESLunches are provided for Years 7-12 boarders in the Dining Room. Morning tea is provided Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays in the Dining Room for Year 7 with morning tea delivered on Monday and Friday to the Birkbeck Building. All other boarders obtain morning tea from the Dining Room.

Grow in Character and Scholarship

2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (11)

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 19

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTSAll medical appointments must be communicated to the RGS Health Centre to ensure the health records of students are current and reminders can be given to the students and to boarding staff. The RGS Health Centre can also make appointments for students and arrange a staff escort for the appointment. Taxi vouchers are issued by the Health Centre for travel to and from the appointment. The cost of the fare(s) is charged to the student’s school account.

MEDICATION Students are not allowed to keep ANY medication in the dormitory. This is a strict school rule. The only exception is medication for life threatening conditions such as Epipens and asthma reliever medication (e.g. salbutamol). All other medication MUST be left at the Health Centre for the Nurses to store and administer. For example, this includes all antibiotics, acne medication and non-prescription medication (e.g. Panadol, Nurofen, naturopathic products, vtiamins and minerals).

If a student is found to have medication in the dormitory, it will be removed and sent to the Health Centre for safe keeping and administration. The medications provided by the Health Centre are listed on the Student Medical Form that parents filled out at enrolment. These are provided to the students after assessment of their condition if the Registered Nurse on duty believes it will be of assistance.

Please ensure that you fill out the Student Medical Form in its entirety and note any allergies the student may have. If a student is on regular medication that requires a script, all scripts are kept in the Health Centre and filled when required. RGS uses the services of AFS on Cambridge St. If a student requires medication or any pharmacy items it is ordered from them and the parent/guardian will be billed directly from AFS.

MOBILE PHONE POLICYThere will be specific guidelines according to the age level of the boarding student, but the following is the general policy for safe use of mobile phones in the Boarding House:

• Do not give out your number or friends’ number to people you do not know. Keep your security or pin number private.

• If you get texts which upset you, do not reply, do not delete but keep a record and tell an adult.

• If you receive an embarrassing or rude text or image about someone do not forward it to others.

• Distributing sexual images of other young people is harassment and is illegal. If you receive something of this nature tell an adult immediately.

• Ask permission before:• taking a picture of your friends• before sending it on to someone.

• Once sent, you have lost control of the information and it could be made public before you know it!

• A mobile phone is a valuable piece of equipment. Ensure that you have it locked away when you go to school.

• Mobile phones should not be taken into communal wet areas for privacy concerns and water damage.

The positive aspect of having a mobile phone is that students can use them in case of emergency and also have more readily available contact with home from their personal phone.

Year 6-9 boarders are required to hand their phones to the dormitory staff before school, before Prep and prior to retiring in the evening. Senior boarders are permitted to have their phones on a more regular basis with the overarching aim of encouraging responsible phone use.

There are guidelines in place to support students including no use of phones after lights out and phones turned to Do Not Disturb at bedtime for consideration for others.

MOVIES CENSORSHIP CLASSIFICATIONThe School reserves the right to determine the appropriateness or otherwise of any movie to be shown on the premises. “R” rated videos will not be shown and Years 6, 7 and 8 students are limited to PG only. The Head of Year will oversee censorship of movies and determine appropriateness. Movies on student laptops etc. are subject to the same restrictions.

NAME TAGSAll clothing must be named in a prominent spot with a woven or permanently printed name tag or student number. As part of the enrolments process each student will receive a laundry number. Once your child has their laundry number please proceed to order the recommended number of laundry tags. Labels can be organised through the Red & Black Shop. If you have not received your child’s laundry number, please contact the Registrar’s office.

NEWSLETTERSEach fortnight the School puts out a newsletter covering the events over that period. The Newsletter is automatically emailed to every parent, however, if you do not receive it please notify the School at [emailprotected]. The Newsletter is also available via our website.

Each Boarding House sends out news relating to their community, at the discretion of the respective Head of Year during the term.

NEWSPAPERSThese are available on a daily basis from the Library.

OFF CAMPUS OUTINGSAt times throughout the year, boarding staff organise off campus outings to the Botanical Gardens, local parks or the beach. The majority of these outings are free-of-charge, but some will incur a cost from time-to-time. Students may take their own spending money to purchase food or drink whilst on these outings.

PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGSThese meetings are conducted at the beginning of Term 2 and 3. Parents coming to the School during term time, who wish to talk to teachers, are welcome to make appointments directly through the teacher. At least two weeks’ notice should be given so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Living in RGS BoardingGrow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 20

Living in RGS Boarding

PASSPORTSShould be handed to the relevant Head of Boarding for safekeeping.

PERSONAL PRESENTATIONAt all times boarders should be well groomed – neat and tidy and appropriate to the situation. Boy boarders are to wear their shirts tucked in and ties properly adjusted. All shoes must be clean and polished. All students are to wear their school hats when leaving the campus in uniform.

Hair must be neat and tidy at all times and comply with the School’s expectations regarding style and colour. Boarders should refer to the School’s dress and appearance guidelines regarding all other aspects of appearance. Please note that if the uniform is being worn outside of school hours the guidelines are to be observed.

PHOTOGRAPHSIt is important for the children to have some of these treasured possessions with them in the Boarding House and therefore we encourage this at all times.

PLASTIC DRAWERSA small set of plastic drawers, available at Officeworks, K Mart and other retailers will assist with keeping smaller clothing and personal items sorted. These are optional. A picture of this type of drawer is below.

POCKET MONEY (See also Bank Accounts) It is requested that students are not over indulged with pocket money. The amount needed by boarders differs according to the personal items needed by individuals and their age. Some only require money for an occasional ice-cream, soft drink, treat or visit to the movies at the weekend; others need more. It is the parents’ decision/responsibility to determine the amount and Head of Year will advise when required to do so.

POSTAL MAIL AND EMAILMail is posted daily and incoming mail is distributed each weekday afternoon. Each boarder also has an email facility provided.

POSTERSAll boarders have space for the display of posters and personal memorabilia etc. provided they are suitable for display.

PREP (HOMEWORK) If a student is required to miss an evening session, they will need to make up that time in the afternoon prior to their activity. Prep sessions are supervised and staff are there to ensure that help is available. Students need only ask and help will be provided.

Prep times will be notified by Boarding Heads of Year at the commencement of the year.

RELATIONSHIPSA co-educational school is clearly the most natural of educational environments. However, there is a need to conduct relationships that may develop, in a mature and responsible manner.

It is the School’s policy that relationships will not involve physical contact on the school premises. Further, students will at all times remain in the areas designated when in each other’s company.

SECURITY OF PERSONAL EFFECTS INCLUDING VALUABLESAll personal effects are the responsibility of the student and parents. The School’s insurance does not cover these. This includes money, mobile phones and valuables. Each student area includes lockable cupboards and/or under bed storage. Keyless padlocks are strongly encouraged to enable students to lock their valuables away.

When boarders bring valuables into the dormitories, they invite security problems. These include, but are not limited to, portable speakers, computers, cameras, iPads, hair straighteners, jewellery, swags, blenders/juicers, bar fridges, gaming consoles etc. Please check your insurance cover on all valuables, especially in the case of very expensive items and be aware of the risks involved. Please keep a record of all serial numbers of these items.

Ensure that lockable cupboards have padlocks and items are to be locked up or not brought into boarding.

SHOWERSBoarders are expected to shower at least once each day, and preferably morning and night. When they have been physically active, a subsequent shower is required as part of their education in personal hygiene.

SLEEPThis is a most important aspect of the child’s health, growth and wellbeing. Those who choose to disrupt the sleep patterns of others by refusing to observe bed times and disrupt others by interrupting their sleep clearly demonstrate that they are not yet ready to live in a communal environment. This behaviour is considered a very serious offence. At first, counselling will be our response but more serious sanctions would follow if it continued.

2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (12)

Grow in Character and Scholarship Grow in Character and ScholarshipGrow in Character and Scholarship Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 16

Living in RGS Boarding


Years 6, 7 and 8 8.00pm - 9.00pmYears 9 and 10 9.00pm - 10.00pmYear 11 9.30pm - 10.30pmYear 12 At the discretion of staff on

duty and depending upon each boarder’s academic work load. In senior boarding no visitors are allowed into rooms after 10.30pm. Music after this time is via headphones only.

The above times may vary at the discretion of staff. Quiet independent study is always permissible.

SMOKING POLICY/DRUGS POLICYThe School is a smoke free zone and this applies to all visitors, staff and parents. Boarders caught smoking, or in the company of others smoking, will be disciplined. Smoking in a Boarding House is viewed as an extremely serious breach of Health and Safety regulations and will be dealt with accordingly.

The School has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for drugs used or brought onto campus. Students who are in anyway involved with illicit substances have no place at the School.

STORAGESpace of this nature is scarce in most Boarding Houses. Consequently, parents are advised to send only those items needed. Inexpensive fold down bags are a practical option and are available from several stores.

Overseas students, and those having to travel very long distances by public transport, may request to store their items during holiday periods. Once again, the School accepts no responsibility for the items stored even though every precaution will be taken.

SUN SAFETYThe School views this aspect of life very seriously, particularly in our geographical area. All boarders must have sun protection when in areas where sun exposure is harsh and prolonged.

Boarders should always wear hats and apply sunscreen to protect them and be aware that this issue is a personal health responsibility, for which they should accept ownership.

SUPPERSupper is available in the Boarding Houses Sunday – Friday evenings. Students can have toasted sandwiches, fruit, Milo, biscuits and other food as arranged by Boarding Heads of Year.

On Saturday evening, Pizza delivery is arranged by boarding staff on duty. Students can order a selection of pizza, garlic bread and soft drink from 3.00pm - 5.00pm on Saturday afternoon for a 7.00pm -7.30pm delivery.

SWIMMING POOLBoarders should not enter the pool enclosure unless an adult supervisor is present. While in the pool enclosure, boarders should comply with the regulations regarding behaviour that are clearly displayed on the front gate and around the pool.

During Terms 1 and 4 the pool is opened by House staff on the conclusion of Prep, depending on demand.

Pools can be very dangerous places and we all have a responsibility to be aware of each other and to act in a sensible and considerate manner. On weekends the pool is open at the discretion of House staff.

TELEPHONE CONTACTParents and friends are asked to not call students during Prep time and after quiet time and lights out.

Heads of Year are accessible at all times via mobile but please be conscious of their need for private time.

We strongly recommend the purchase of a mobile phone which is carried by the student during off-campus activities. A pre-paid inexpensive model/plan is recommended.

Email is the preferred way of communication with staff.

TELEVISIONTelevision sets are in the common rooms of each dormitory. Streaming services such as Netflix are available on dedicated RGS channels, enabling age and content restrictions to be set. Viewing hours are set, with weekends being more flexible. All programs and DVD’s are first checked by boarding staff to ensure they are appropriate for the viewer’s age.

2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (13)

Grow in Character and Scholarship

Living in RGS Boarding

THEFTUnfortunately, this occurs periodically. Where boarders do not take advantage of the security measures we offer and bring valuable items to the campus, we take no responsibility for security.

We ask that parents and guardians be supportive in these matters and check with their insurer to get the most appropriate cover for the dormitory their child is in.

Where a child is found responsible for theft, this is handled on an individual basis. Where counselling has been given and the offence repeated, the student’s future at the School comes under serious review.


Travel for Off-Campus School Activities RGS transport drivers and boarding staff drive RGS buses to and from the campus for school organised activities and transport connections. Bookings for off campus activities are made by students via the designated booking form available at the Transport Office downstairs in School House. A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

Where arrangements have been made with RGS Transport and the bus does not arrive for the return pick up at the designated time, boarders are to wait 15 minutes and then call their Boarding Head of Year.

Under no circ*mstances are students to walk (alone or in groups) back to the School. Students should have the Head of Year and Head of Boarding phone numbers in their mobile phone and call if there are any doubts or concerns. Please understand that the bus service is not a ‘taxi type’ service. It can be delayed from time to time.

Travel for Activities organised outside the School Whilst participation in non RGS activities (such as club sport) is appropriate in some circ*mstances, transport cannot be provided to non RGS activities. Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis, but this service cannot be expected. In the case of appropriate activities with organisations outside the School, the student and parents must arrange transport with the organisation, often by approved local parents involved with the activity.

RAIL TRAVELQueensland Rail provides complimentary travel to home destination and from school for holidays and weekends for boarders.

This service customarily suits families on the Gladstone and Miriam Vale (Agnes Water) line. The Tilt Train runs daily, including weekends.

The Spirit of the Outback runs on the western line to and from Longreach, though the times do not coincide with weekends.

Complimentary bookings on trains require:-1. At the beginning of each year, a once-off application

to travel to and from boarding school from home. This application is done through their Boarding Head of Year.

2. A request to their Boarding Head of Year for a booking each time travel is required. For weekend leave this request must be made by Wednesday evening at the latest. It is unreasonable for any family to expect a booking to be completed by the School if less than two days’ notice of intended travel is given.

RGS Bus bookings for Holidays and Boarders’ Long Weekends At the beginning and end of term (except the start and end of the year) and for designated boarders’ long weekends, RGS buses service the route from RGS all stops to Emerald, Capella, Clermont, Alpha and Monto. Parents are notified by email a few weeks prior each time the bus runs, and bookings are made by reply email to Tricia Roth.

Bookings are the responsibility of the parent, who then also notifies the Boarding Head of Year of the intended leave and travel arrangement.

Grow in Character and Scholarship Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 24

Grow in Character and Scholarship

Campus Map

2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (14)

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar School Page 25

RGS Red & Black Shop

2021/2022 Back to School Extended Trading Information

The Red & Black Shop’s experienced staff are ready to assist in the outfitting of student uniforms. The Shop sells all uniform items (except shoes) both new and when available, second-hand. The Shop also sells some Co-Curricular uniforms, souvenirs, stationery and toiletries. Second hand goods CANNOT be exchanged as they are sold on consignment (as is condition). All uniform items are compulsory including backpacks.

The Rockhampton Grammar School uniform shop is operating under the Australian Government’s social distancing measures. Current limits are in place allowing 10 individuals in store at any time, including staff. Upon arrival you will be asked to check in using the ‘Check in QLD’ app and the School’s ‘Visitor Screening and Contact Tracing’ register.

Please select one of the following options for purchasing uniforms and accessories:

Option 1: Appointment for fitting (new families to the School should choose this option)

Uniform fitting appointments for the November 2021 - January 2022 extended trading period can be made online. Once these appointment times are open, the School will contact all families to provide the booking link. Alternatively, you may phone the Shop on 49 360 653 or email [emailprotected] to arrange an appointment time.

Option 2: Place your orders via email ([emailprotected])

Please download & complete the appropriate forms (one is required for each student) and forward to the above e-mail address.

Primary Order Form – Available on the RGS website. Secondary Order Form – Available on the RGS website.

Orders can be collected from the rear door of the Red & Black Shop which will be signed for your convenience.

Please phone or email the Shop with any questions prior to completing your email order. Our friendly staff are happy to assist.

Option 3: Walk ins (least preferred)

Walk in customers are welcome between the hours of 11.00am and 1.00pm daily, however your visit should be less than 15 minutes (alternatively, please choose Option 1 or 2).

Consignment Uniforms

If consigning second hand items for sale please download and complete our Consignment Form from the RGS website and place items in red bins provided near the Red & Black Shop. It is important that all items are bagged with a completed Consignment Form in each bag. All items (including bags, hats) must be washed otherwise they may be disposed of.

Please contact our staff if you have any questions.

Red & Black Shop ManagerMrs Nicole Penrose

Boys, Day We recommend 3 sets of uniforms for Day Students; 5 for Boarders

S/HHat RGS felt with School logo band 122.00Shirt Blue with RGS logo 52.40Shorts RGS grey with belt loops 42.90Belt Plain black 22.30Socks RGS knee high (2 pk) 17.10Tie Red & Black stripe; Worn in winter 22.30Bag RGS Backpack 104.50Winter Pullover 68.20Winter Vest 60.50Shoes Black leather lace-up traditional (Not jogger)

Boys, SportWorn only at School. Students must wear their Day uniform to School.

S/HSport Hat RGS bucket hat 16.50Sport Cap RGS (black or white) 17.60Polo RGS red & black with logo 39.60Shorts RGS black with logo 44.00Socks RGS initials or plain white (2 pk) 14.00Jacket RGS red & black 169.00Pants RGS Track Pants 43.00Bag RGS with logos 39.60Shoes Lace-up athletic shoes


Rashie Plain black 39.60Boys Shorts, any RGS or plain black (not complusory)Boys Trunks, plain black 38.50Boys Brief, plain black 27.50

Please note the students are allowed to wear shorts over their costume for modesty.

Boys, Formal Only one Formal Uniform is requiredS/H

Blazer RGS 275.00Shirt RGS, white long sleeve 59.90Trouser Grey 55.00Socks Plain grey ankle (2 pk) 13.40Worn with day uniform shoes, socks, hat, tie & belt

Girls, Day We recommend 3 sets of uniforms for Day Students; 5 for Boarders


Hat RGS polybraid with school logo band 95.70Dress RGS blue and white stripe 93.40Tie RGS Red & Black 10.50Socks White ankle, must cover ankle bone (2pk) 14.00Bag RGS Backpack 104.50Winter Black tights 9.00Winter Pullover 68.20Winter Vest 60.50Shoes Black leather lace-up traditional (Not jogger)

Girls, SportWorn only at School. Students must wear their Day uniform to School.

S/HSport Hat RGS bucket hat 16.50Sport Cap RGS (black or white) 17.60Polo RGS red & black with logo 39.60Shorts RGS black with logo 44.00Socks RGS initials or plain white (2 pk) 14.00Jacket RGS red & black 169.00Pants RGS Track Pants 43.00Bag RGS with logos 39.60Shoes non-marking soles


Rashie Plain black 39.60Girls Suit, plain black 55.00

Please note the students are allowed to wear shorts over their costume for modesty.

Girls, Formal Only one Formal Uniform is requiredS/H

Blazer RGS 275.00Blouse RGS, white 49.50Skirt RGS, red 49.50Worn with day uniform shoes, socks/black tights, hat and tie

Please return form to [emailprotected]

RGS Uniforms/Secondary School 2021/2022

Shoe Size Child: 9-12 13-3Adult: 2-8 8-11 11-14

Shirt Size Child: 4 6 8 10 12 14 16Adult: S M L XL XXL

Shorts/Trousers Size

Child: 4 6 8 10 12 14 16Adult (cms): 82 87 92 97 102 107

Dress Child: 4 6 8 10 12 14 16Adult: 4 6 8 10 12 14 16Slim: Y N


Year Level


Laundry No. (Boarding)


Height (cm)

Waist (cm)

NOTE: All items will be supplied new unless otherwise specified. Secondhand items can be supplied when available. Please tick S/H next to items if secondhand items are preferred. No refunds or exchanges are provided for secondhand uniforms. * Prices include GST and are subject to change. * S/H - Secondhand clothing.

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2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (15)

Grow in Character and Scholarship

The Rockhampton Grammar SchoolArcher Street, Rockhampton, Queensland 4700Non-denominational, Co-educational, Boarding and Day SchoolPrep to Year 12, Early Learning Centre (6 weeks to 5 years) Enrolment enquiries1300 [emailprotected] www.rgs.qld.edu.au CRICOS: 00507FABN: 71 055 702 035

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2022 BOARDING HANDBOOK - [PDF Document] (2024)


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